Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Let's demolish everything!

For taking everything apart we were divided into two groups - morning and afternoon shifts. Dividing were democratically done - first 15 who answered to group chat were the morning shift. We started from Sub Media Center since Main Media Center was still open few hours on Monday. 

It was much faster to dismantle everything than implementing them. Sub Media center took about one hour to take apart. Main Media were almost ready when morning shift went home. So afternoon shift was responsible to taking everything back to school. 

Weird to think the event is really over now.


Sunday, 5 March 2017

Last days

The electricity issues continued. At some point whole mixed zone were without electricity, which was noticed in the news also. Finally we found the reason behind electricity issues in Main Media Center: The electricians changed the three-phased supply and the distribution box and after it everything worked smoothly.

Few times we needed to reboot our firewalls, otherwise we mainly monitored everything is working smoothly. Of course every morning we tested table groups, wlan and printers before anyone else was there. That way we had time to react if something wasn't working. Fortunately for everyone, everything worked smoothly whole time.

Tomorrow we will start dismantling everything!