Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Road so far..

There's kinda much to catch up. Like I said earlier, the planning has started long time ago. This autumn we started in August by going through last year's setups. We created a new co-operative workplace for our files and divided everyone in the small groups.

If picture isn't showing, you can check it here.

October just flew by. We tested differences between Cisco and HP switches, made sure they are stable and had little bit fun with configuration. One of the most amusing things in beginning of October was getting our new monitor. You should have seen how everyone was thrilled. Playing with the new toy and messing with music. It's important to have fun while working.

If video isn't showing, you can check it here.

We have made suggestions for network layout of SubMediaCenter and Grandstand Central. Also plans from printers were created. Documenting every plan is surprisingly important thing to do, but luckily at least I like doing it. So far we have at least documents for configurations, printers, VLANs and laptops. I have to say, updating and preparing laptops was bigger operation than anyone thought, but we managed to do it!


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