Friday, 18 November 2016


Lahti2017 is a huge event for Finland and especially for Lahti. This means that students of Lahti University of Applied Sciencies (Lahti UAS) are also deeply involved with it.

Our project is to build IT infrastructure for media and support it in Lahti2017. We support IT team with this import task. You would be surprised how many things are needed for functional, secure internet! This project has started last year's Pre-World Championships and during this autumn our team has been planning and testing, improving things from last year.

How it works?

We have our awesome teachers who make sure the whole package is in one piece. They gently guide us in the right direction and make sure our client's orders are fully heard. They are the bridge between the client and the students. They mainly consult 4th year students and support us when needed.

Every final (4th) year telecommunication student has their own small group of 3rd and 2nd year students. These small groups fulfill different kinds of tasks - whatever is needed. It can be creating topology for cabling or network mapping, clean installing Windows and Linux, or just listing the things we need.

You are most welcome to join us and see little bit behind the scenes.


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