Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Let's demolish everything!

For taking everything apart we were divided into two groups - morning and afternoon shifts. Dividing were democratically done - first 15 who answered to group chat were the morning shift. We started from Sub Media Center since Main Media Center was still open few hours on Monday. 

It was much faster to dismantle everything than implementing them. Sub Media center took about one hour to take apart. Main Media were almost ready when morning shift went home. So afternoon shift was responsible to taking everything back to school. 

Weird to think the event is really over now.


Sunday, 5 March 2017

Last days

The electricity issues continued. At some point whole mixed zone were without electricity, which was noticed in the news also. Finally we found the reason behind electricity issues in Main Media Center: The electricians changed the three-phased supply and the distribution box and after it everything worked smoothly.

Few times we needed to reboot our firewalls, otherwise we mainly monitored everything is working smoothly. Of course every morning we tested table groups, wlan and printers before anyone else was there. That way we had time to react if something wasn't working. Fortunately for everyone, everything worked smoothly whole time.

Tomorrow we will start dismantling everything!


Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Second week

One possible reason for power issues? 

Electricity issues have continued. Possible cause: spilled coffee or some faulty user device. On Sunday it seemed the voltage was too high (some places even 360V). I don't know what happened, but after Sunday everything has worked with electricity. 

Monday was quiet day since there weren't any competitions. One fuse has blown again, but it was easy task for electricians. Otherwise IT didn't have any issues whole day which meant chilling. We watched Doctor Who, played and ate well. Luckily we have an awesome team, so we always have something to do. 

Tuesday were also quite quiet. We added some more printers to XDA, fixed basic printer issues and helped with scanning. Everything works smoothly and most important changes are done, so there's no need for IT support. Which is obviously good thing!


Monday, 27 February 2017

What does IT do when everything is working?

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They go to sauna.

They sleep on the floor.

They organize their own competition gathering.

They play some games.

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They dance like there's no tomorrow.


Sunday, 26 February 2017

Last minute changes

Opening ceremony and first competition days are over. Every day we start by testing table groups, wifi and printers. We also check Zabbix for any alerts. Printers are still the ones causing issues, but luckily they are the easy issues. To ease our job, we added printers from MMC and SMC to Xerox XDA. It helps collecting info about printers and automatically sends reports to support.

We added few more AP's around the area since our network didn't cover all desired areas. Later we decided to change Cisco APs to Arubas. We had tested Arubas earlier and in our experience they work better than Cisco. We will later see how it affects to disappearing AP's.

Some electricity issues have risen and some tables kept losing power both in MMC and SMC. Luckily we have electricians who know what to do. Our duty has been only to contact them and they have checked the issue. Apparently the fuses have been blown and fixing/replacing them fixed the issue.

And in the end - few picture's from the fireworks!


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Media Centers are open!

Main Media Center opened on Saturday 18th of February, four days before the competition even started. First few days were quite quiet so we had time to finalize all the installations. We installed printers, added wired network to special editing rooms and helped few journalist with minor issues. 

One of the Sub Media Centers (the one we are responsible of) opened on Tuesday 21st of February. Days got little bit busier since more journalist started to arrive. Most common problem had something to with printers. It was the same last year. Usually it means we show how to install drivers for printer and so far the most difficult case has been with faulty color drum cartridge. Which actually took almost two days to replace because of some information issues. 

We also decided to divide our wireless network in two: 5GHz and 2.4GHz. It balanced the workload and wireless started to work much smoothly for everyone. We also decided to manually configure a controller AP, because some of the AP kept disappearing from Zabbix. Configuration fixed the issue and none of the users never even noticed the issue. 

Being in IT can be frustrating because no one ever notices your work if everything is working, but when something doesn't - you are the first one to blame.