Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Second week

One possible reason for power issues? 

Electricity issues have continued. Possible cause: spilled coffee or some faulty user device. On Sunday it seemed the voltage was too high (some places even 360V). I don't know what happened, but after Sunday everything has worked with electricity. 

Monday was quiet day since there weren't any competitions. One fuse has blown again, but it was easy task for electricians. Otherwise IT didn't have any issues whole day which meant chilling. We watched Doctor Who, played and ate well. Luckily we have an awesome team, so we always have something to do. 

Tuesday were also quite quiet. We added some more printers to XDA, fixed basic printer issues and helped with scanning. Everything works smoothly and most important changes are done, so there's no need for IT support. Which is obviously good thing!


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