Sunday, 26 February 2017

Last minute changes

Opening ceremony and first competition days are over. Every day we start by testing table groups, wifi and printers. We also check Zabbix for any alerts. Printers are still the ones causing issues, but luckily they are the easy issues. To ease our job, we added printers from MMC and SMC to Xerox XDA. It helps collecting info about printers and automatically sends reports to support.

We added few more AP's around the area since our network didn't cover all desired areas. Later we decided to change Cisco APs to Arubas. We had tested Arubas earlier and in our experience they work better than Cisco. We will later see how it affects to disappearing AP's.

Some electricity issues have risen and some tables kept losing power both in MMC and SMC. Luckily we have electricians who know what to do. Our duty has been only to contact them and they have checked the issue. Apparently the fuses have been blown and fixing/replacing them fixed the issue.

And in the end - few picture's from the fireworks!


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