Thursday, 19 January 2017

Life is fluid.

Everything changes extremely fast. I should have gotten use to it, but it still sometimes surprises me. We are part of such a big organization. It means that slight change somewhere might mean bigger change for us. It has been interesting to work without exact timetable. It will train all of us for real work, since what I have seen - new things can come up out of nowhere. Life and work is like liquid and you need to be flexible to keep up.

What have changed lately? Well, we got information about mandatory training for all the volunteers. It was a surprise and with such a late notice some have problems to fit it in their schedule. Luckily, we got permission to have few representatives who go for training and then next week shares the info with rest. I am gonna one of the representatives.

And once again - we changed the whole on-call shift system. This time it should be the final version. We will have two persons in Main Media Center (MMC) and two in Sub Media Center (SMC). Second year students will be taking care of that. Third and fourth year students will be available as a technical support and there will always be three of them in the area. Sounds fair, right?

33 days to go!


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