Saturday, 28 January 2017

Volunteers' training

Today we had a training for volunteers in Lahti2017 championships. Over 800 volunteers gathered up to learn the basics about the event and customer service. It feels like half of Finland is somehow part of Lahti2017. And it is awesome.
The event has multiple partners. The biggest is Stora Enso, but there are like 30 other ones also. I didn't even know how many there could be. Full list of the partners can be found here, just scroll down. One of the funniest cooperation so far must be Atria.

If the picture is not showing, check it here 

So what they taught us about customer service? Well, basically it was all about working as a group, always remember to smile and be yourself. The customer service ABC according to Lahti UAS students were:
  1. Listen
    Listen the customer. Do not underestimate the customers issue. 
  2. Understand.
    Understand the issue. Ask as many questions as needed. If you don't have common language, find someone who can help.
  3. Solve the issue.
    Try always resolve the issue right away. If it cannot be solved, make sure the customer knows how to give feedback. 

These three steps equals happy customer!


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