Thursday, 12 January 2017

Introducing: New teams

This is getting exciting! Whole autumn we were getting known to all systems and software, preparing ourselves for real work and now it is the time to actually implement all of it.

We have five main teams:
  1. Wifi Access Points
  2. Network Monitoring System
  3. LAN services
  4. Cable sets for tables
  5. Switches for tables
Well, you can guess the theme of every team. It is kinda obvious. The teams are actually only for building days. It makes sure that every task will be done. Each team have at least five members, even though most have more. Since we have two media centers, Main Media Center and Sub Media Center, every group will eventually split in two. 

Teams have been chosen and everyone is working so hard!


ps. I have been away, so it will be a bliss to see everyone next week. Can't wait!

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