Thursday, 9 February 2017

Two weeks summary

The event is closing up fast! Our network were tested in Finlandia Hiihto and of course - it worked perfectly. Only issues were caused by outdated Win7 images which were easily fixed by updating them.

Last week we started building extra network group. It was requested by Datalatu Oy and since we had time, we took it under our wings. In two week we have the basics ready for it and only physical installation left. Unbelievable how fast everything is when people know exactly what to do.
Even cables match the theme color!

We also finished building SMC backbone and Wifi access points are up and running. So basically SMC is only waiting for tables and physical installation of switches and then SMC is fully ready. Unfortunately the situation with MMC is not that good.. We are still not sure which day we get there to do all installations.

This project truly teaches you how to work without knowing everything. It makes this even more exciting.

Oh, and we are finally accredited! Look how awesome the passes are.


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