Monday, 20 February 2017

Team introduction: Cables for tables!

And third one: Team Cables!
From left: Ville, Joni, Tommi, Jirko, Jani, Kristiina, Heikki and Milla

Their job was to plan cable paths and implement it. They were brilliant - making bundle of correct length cables wrapped ready for installation day. It meant super easy installation and no hurry at all. The team also helped other teams with their tasks whenever they had time. 

This team has two team leaders. Kristiina Issakainen and Milla Roininen shares the responsibility. Here are their personal introductions:

Kristiina Issakainen
She is a third year telecommunications student. She says this is the most interesting project in school which is the reason she chose to participate. Fun fact: Teacher gave me new name Kissakainen (kissa = cat)

Milla Roininen
Milla is third year telecommunications student. She thinks Lahti2017 is the most interesting and biggest event in Lahti right now. Fun fact about her is that food is the most important thing in her life.

Tommi Lehtinen
He is a second year student, majoring in data networks (basically same as telecommunications). He is taking part in this project because these kinds of opportunities don't come around that often. Fun fact about him is that he is amazing in everything he does. 

Joni Niemi
He is second year student majoring also in telecommunications. He is all about learning and tells us he is the best and the most modest.

Jani Kerkkänen
He is a fourth year telecommunications student. His motivation in this project is ECTS. He is no fun guy, so there isn't any fun fact about him.

Ville Larjava

He is a fourth year telecommunications student. He thinks this project is interesting and he might learn something from it. That drives him to do his best. Fun fact: Jag är från Åbo, heheheh (I am from Turku, hehehe)

Heikki Lohtander
Heikki is third year student, majoring in telecommunications. He is participating in the project because he loves Lahti. Fun fact: "It funny because it's true."

Jirko Tuomaala
Jirko is third year telecommunications student. He is taking part in this project because it is interesting and nice to be a part of the big local event. He doesn't consider himself as a collector but he still owns hundreds of vinyl records and six guitars.


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