Sunday, 19 February 2017

Team introduction: Switches for tables

Next in line: Team Switches!
This five person group has been responsible for everything that has something to do with switches. They have configured all of the table switches, planned how they are located in the tables and of course implemented the plans.
From left: Miko, Ivan, Artur, Miika, Olli and Atte

Their team leader is Miika who has made sure everything is done. It seems everything has gone quite smoothly! Here their personal introductions:

Miika Äijälä
He is a 4th year student, majoring in telecommunications.
Main reason to participate on this project is simple: it is the best project Lahti UAS is offering. And of course, the ECTS points. During the event there will be also Rölli Winterland which is absolute amazing and Miika will surely visit it.
Fun fact about him: Laiskiainen on mun toteemieläin (Sloth is my totem animal)

Miko Kokko
He is 3rd year student who is here because it is part of the mandatory studies, but it is also really interesting.
Fun fact about him: :^)

Artur Malinin
He is 2nd year student, majoring also in telecommunications. For him this project is part of the course plan and it is interesting to take part.
Fun fact: Joutsenet näyttävät joskus kurjilta.  (Sometimes swans look terrible.)

Atte Lempelto
He is 2nd year student and majoring in telecommunications. What's in for him? Getting the credits and participating in fascinating project. Funny fact about Atte is that he is from Mikkeli.

Ivan Roots
He is 2nd year student and majoring in telecommunications. His drive in this project is to get hands-on experience and of course the ECTS points.
Fun fact: Kerran olin etsimässä Narniaa kaapista, mutta löysin vaan iskän konjakkipullon. (Once I tried to find Narnia in the closet but instead I just found my father's cognac bottle.)

Olli Valkama
He is also 2nd year student and majoring in telecommunications. The project is part of Olli's studies but it also gives him valuable work experience/reference. Not that many people can say they have built network for this big event.
Fun fact: Lakimies tietää kaiken laista. (The lawyer knows everything about law / The lawyer knows every kind of things.)


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