Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Team introduction: NMS / Zabbix!

Next team: Network Management System / Zabbix!
From left: Tuomas, Joni, Lassi and Olli (Jerry is absent)

As the name of the team suggests - this team worked with Zabbix. Their responsibility was to configure and test Zabbix. There are quite many things you can monitor with Zabbix, but most important ones for us are the switches and how they are functioning.

Olli Isomäki, Tuomas Jeppesen and Jerry Aakala (team leader) are all fourth year students majoring in telecommunications. Their main inspiration for project is to get ECTS and like Jerry said you learn so much more in the project than in school. 

Lassi Hirvonen and Joni Tammilehto presents the second year students in this group. They are also majoring in telecommunications and their motivation comes from getting experience. Here are the funny facts from the team:

Olli: Pään seinään hakkaaminen kuluttaa 150 kaloria tunnissa. (Hitting your head in the wall burns 150 calories per hour)
Tuomas: Kisojen laiskin äijä (Laziest dude in the competition.)
Jerry: 1:1 isoja kuppeja = paras kahvi (1:1 big cups = the best coffee)
Lassi: JavaScript is love. JavaScript is life.

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